Friday, 10 August 2012

Biomimetics: Deutsche JuniorAkademie, August 2012, Ostbevern.

Thank you for a fantastic eleven days - you really will make a difference.
Nick & Romilly
Friday 10th August, 2012

... only the final presentation to go!

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  1. Hi team,
    We hope you a safe journey home.
    Talk about the "Wow-Effect"... What a FANTASTIC final presentation. You should all be very proud of yourselves.
    I'm afraid there will be a slight delay with the presentation film; I need to repair my laptop before I do anything else. Keep checking in though, as I'll post a chronological chart of our amazing biomimetic adventure as soon as I can.
    Please comment on anything and everything Biomimetic here... The course was so incredibly successful because of your input, intelligence and smart-hard work - your feedback will be incredibly useful to both Romilly & myself and will help us to facilitate an even more Biomimetically brilliant Junior Academy in 2013.
    Thanks again for making eleven days in August 2012 so incredibly special and absolutely unforgettable.